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Turns out, effective communication IS a survival skill. 

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WriterWorks Communication Strategies generates workable solutions on the fly and maintains a sense of focused calm in the middle of a deadline.

Those distinctive abilities are the result of a long and successful background in journalism, specific experience communicating during several kinds of crises, and a track record of effectively managing conflicting priorities in the nonprofit and corporate world.

Those skills, along with the ones here, have fueled the success of WriterWorks for the last 17 years:
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  • Professional writing, including a ten-year background in award-winning journalism


  • Extensive project management -17 years as a successful business owner, moving marketing projects from concept to completion


  • Successful deployment of numerous PR and community outreach campaigns across multiple sectors: affordable housing, fundraising and development, behavioral health, land conservation, tourism, charter, and public education, telecommunications, board governance, crisis communications, municipal government, and economic re-development

  • A clear grasp of how public and private entities collaborate across separate divisions and departments to deliver services to families, students, citizens, visitors, and businesses


  • Turnkey brand development, from research and process to ongoing implementation


  • Extensive vendor management experience and advanced competency in coordinating print production, from concept to delivery

  • Dexterity over several website content management systems, e-newsletter platforms, donor management, and social media platforms, including the development of messaging strategy and digital advertising targets

  • Advanced graphic design skills with Canva Premium 

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