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 Making Visibility Affordable for Non-Profits
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Based on the conviction that skilled marketing and

public relations services should be within reach of mission-driven companies, social enterprises, and nonprofits,

WriterWorks Communication Strategies was founded in 2006 

to provide contractual and project-based communications 

support specifically to these entities on an as-needed basis.

As a result, full-service PR and marketing solutions are

available without the big-ticket ad agency price tag or

expensive employee overhead.

Valerie A. Hoffman

Valerie A. Hoffman

When I became the Chamber's Executive Director, it didn't take long for me to appreciate your depth of experience, skill, and

knowledge about the area. You have been a trusted advisor and skilled communicator.

Laura P. Doster

Former Executive Director 
The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge

About the Founder:

Welcome to WriterWorks, where my journey from small-town roots to a seasoned communications professional converges with an unwavering passion for storytelling. Having spent a significant part of my life in small and medium-sized towns, my core values have been profoundly shaped by these communities. I am a fervent advocate for all things "small-town," driven by an insatiable curiosity for learning and an inherent belief that continuous improvement is not just a goal but a necessity. My professional trajectory is guided by a gravitational pull toward sectors that align with my values: mission-driven nonprofits, small-town government, public education, affordable housing, behavioral health, economic development initiatives, and tourism. The middle-class upbringing in a Birmingham, Alabama suburb, with a steelworker and a public school teacher as parents, undoubtedly influenced my dedication to these causes. With 26 years of experience in corporate and non-profit communications, professional writing, public relations, project management, graphic design, events coordination, and brand deployment, I have honed my skills across various domains. My journey began as an award-winning journalist, laying the foundation for the communications professional I am today. Rooted in my childhood passion for turning letters into stories, my formal career commenced when I accepted a position as a reporter with a large daily newspaper while still in college. From spinning stories on Sunday School tithe envelopes in childhood to leading communications initiatives across the Eastern United States, storytelling has always been at the heart of what I do. I am dedicated to helping organizations clarify their messaging and deeply engage their audiences. By leveraging traditional and digital tools, I listen, learn, and craft compelling narratives that resonate with the essence of each organization. At WriterWorks, I understand and embrace the labor-intensive nature of effective communication. The name encapsulates my commitment to delving into complexity, serving as a Writer who Works tirelessly to not only convey messages clearly but also to inspire stakeholders to connect with the distinctive heart of your organization. It's not just a profession; it's my calling and passion to collaborate with individuals in this meaningful endeavor.

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