Communication works for those who work at it.

The Engine Behind WriterWorks Communication Strategies, LLC:

My background and core values are heavily influenced by having lived and worked in small and medium-size towns for most of my life.

In addition to being a working champion of all things "small-town," I have an unquenchable curiosity for learning and an inherent belief that things can always be better. 

I have what often feels like a life-long gravitational pull toward working with and promoting certain sectors: small-town government, public education, affordable housing, behavioral health, economic development, and tourism.


My upbringing in a middle-class Southern suburb of Birmingham, Alabama by a steelworker and a public school teacher likely had a strong influence on that trajectory.

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Valerie A. Hoffman
 The rest of my story: 

I have a 26-year background in corporate and non-profit communications, professional writing, public relations, website project management, graphic design, events coordination, and brand deployment.


I started WriterWorks in 2006 as a woman-owned, first-time entrepreneur. 

Before leading the communications initiatives of private corporations, municipalities, non-profits, and state tourism organizations across the Eastern United States, I had the career of a lifetime as an award-winning journalist.

It formed the bone structure of the communications professional that I am today. 

It all started with a pen and a notebook when I was offered a job as a reporter with a large daily newspaper before I was even out of college. 


In truth, my life as a writer had its beginnings much earlier. By the time I figured out how to turn letters into words, I was spinning stories on the back of envelopes that my mother intended for Sunday School tithes.  

Today, I am not only a professional writer but a visual communicator. I help organizations tell their stories and engage their audiences by using all of the traditional and digital tools at my disposal.  

I chose WriterWorks as the name of my business because I understand that whether you're selling a product, striving to help provide a key service, or advancing a critical cause, the task of communicating is labor-intensive. But that's where I go.
It has always been where I go - into the complexity to help organizations and businesses be better understood, more strongly utilized, more valued, and more trusted.  
It is my calling and my passion.

I started WriterWorks Communication Strategies in 2006 to provide contractual and project-based services in the areas of digital and print copywriting, media relations, brand development, social media strategy, web design, graphics support, video, and print production.


Working with professional partners across the Carolinas, full-service PR and Marketing solutions are available to small-town municipalities,  schools, non-profits, and economic development organizations without the big-ticket price tag or expensive employee overhead.