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Turns out, effective communication IS a survival skill. 

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WriterWorks Communication Strategies generates workable solutions on the fly and maintains a sense of focused calm in the middle of a deadline. Those distinctive abilities are the result of a long and successful background in journalism, specific experience communicating during several kinds of crises, and a track record of effectively managing conflicting priorities in the corporate world.
Those skills, along with the ones here, have fueled the success of WriterWorks for the last 16 years:
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  • An engaging and well-honed storyteller with a keen ability to identify relevant news and  meaningful messages

  • Award-winning journalism background

  •  Strong interpersonal skills that promote collaboration, respect diversity, and advance end-game goals

  • Competency and experience in graphic design and print production 

  • Extensive knowledge of several website content management systems for design, redesign, search engine optimization, and analytics

  • Comfortable meeting tight deadlines and changing gears for the unexpected

  • Comfortable in a team environment or working independently 

  • Knowledge, experience, and understanding of traditional media, digital media, digital advertising, social media channels, and the ability to develop messaging to targeted audiences. 

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