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It's cost-effective. It is an affordable and efficient option for growing and busy organizations that can benefit from skilled communications support without the committed overhead of office space, salaries, and benefits. 

It's a time saver. By dedicating your communications and marketing needs to a contracted partner, staff is free to focus on those areas where they are needed and where they may feel more qualified and more productive. 

It's strategic. Something as important as messaging, branding, and community perceptions shouldn't be handled in a random manner or delegated to staff with little to no experience in the field.

Flexibility is baked in. Support can be arranged by the project or by the contract. It can be on-site, handled remotely, or a hybrid of the two. It can be as little as five hours a week, up to a set number of hours each month. 

It's transparent. On top of any services that they provide to you, ad agencies have a high overhead that they must pass on to the client to cover staff salaries, rent for their offices, tools, technology, and training. 

Dedicated to you. In working with an ad agency, you are competing with many other accounts for time and resources. Getting a realistic turnaround time can take longer than you can afford, thus delaying your project deadlines. 

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